Highmark Foundation host educational seminar on HPV Vaccinations

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VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP)- Many in the health field attended an educational seminar to learn more about Human Papillomavirus and efforts for treatment and prevention.

The Highmark Foundation hosted this forum to educate those in local health fields.

The seminar took place at the Grand Pointe Conference Center where health care professionals, school nurses, teachers, and parents could attend.

Topics discussed were to give a better understanding of HPV vaccinations and their importance. Doctors advised getting the vaccines earlier rather than later.

Coordinators hope that those that attended could use the information provided to relate more to their patients and bring more awareness on the topic.

President of Highmark Foundation, Yvonne Cook, explains why the Highmark presented this seminar and the importance of it. “Today’s form is really an educational form to continue to raise the awareness about HPV, and the important role and how we need to think about it as we continue to move forward.”

Dr. Pamela Murray, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at West Virginia University School of Medicine, explains what the talk was about and how it benefits everyone. “It’s providing people with some of the tools to help them say ‘this is important, let’s take care of this like we would take care of everything else;’ So to hopefully have that partnership between families and young adults.”

Doctors say that immunizations recommended by the ACIP are covered through health care including HPV vaccines.

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