Newport Historic House at Risk

MARIETTA, OH (WTAP) -- it was standing room only at The Castle for the Washington County Historical Society meeting, as the membership learned of the risk to the Judge Joseph Barker Junior house near Newport, Ohio.

The house, which may have been built as early as 1811, is the last of several houses to have been moved by the Army Corps of Engineers when Willow Island Lock and Dam was constructed back in 1961. Four-lane Route 7 replace the others.

Speaker Jack Haisley urges the Corps to change its plan to demolish the house so that friends and historians can save the historic structure.

Though no decision was reached in Monday night's program meeting, the Army Corps representative was present to discuss the options open to the community.

A slide presentation reviewed the deteriorating condition and highlighted the significant historical construction in the home. It has sat empty and neglected for many years.

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