Homeless man found frozen to death on porch at Charleston home

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Charleston Police say a man found dead on Sunday morning on a porch likely died of hypothermia caused by extremely cold weather.

It happened at a home on the 1800 block of 7th Avenue.

Police say neighbors told them the man was homeless and they do not believe foul play is involved.

The say the man is middle aged but his name is not being released at this time.

This death makes at least two deaths in our region in just a matter of days that are being blamed on cold weather.

Temperatures Sunday night are expected to be in the single digits and health officials say hypothermia is an extreme danger with conditions like that.

Common signs of hypothermia are shivering and exhaustion.

The patient will be confused and their body won't function properly.

If their body temperature drops below 95 degrees, seek immediate medical attention.

Homeless shelters and other agencies say this is a busy time for them and they are doing what they can to bring people in and save lives.

David Sneade at Union Missions Crossroads in Charleston says sadly it takes a incident like this for others to come in and seek shelter from the cold.

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