How Washington County voters are impacted by Supreme Court decision

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - After the Supreme Court decision sided with Ohio’s method to purge voters from its rolls, the Washington County Board of Elections explains how they've been instructed to remove voters in recent years.

The ruling said that it was lawful for Ohio to remove someone from its voting roles if they didn't vote in a general election, failed to respond to a notice in the mail, and did not vote for four more years. The Washington County BOE, says during the 2011, 2013 and 2015 elections, they turned away those voters.

However the process was put on hold when the litigation began in 2016. So individuals have been allowed to vote, even if they had been purged from the lists.

"It keeps our rolls clean, but from the voters’ point of view, what we hear are people who just don't want to vote they're not excited about what's on that particular ballot and so they just don't vote. So we hear it from both ends the secretary wants to keep our rolls clean and yet the voters feel like once they're registered they should just stay registered.” Explains Washington County BOE Deputy Director, Peggy Byers.

Byers says she was advised by the Secretary of State Tuesday to take no action until further notice. Ohio Board of Elections were told once additional information and instructions are available, it will be provided to them.

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