UPDATE: Vienna City Council requests $200,000 to include in budget for Johns Manville site cleanup

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VIENNA, W.Va. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 01/19/18 6:30 P.M.

Vienna mayor Randy Rapp says the city is inching closer to cleaning up the Johns Manville site.

During Thursday night's city council meeting, the council requested $200,000 to be included in this year's budget. That money will go toward the continued cleanup of the site.

Mayor Rapp says it's the biggest chunk of undeveloped real estate in the city and hopes it will be turned into a useful development.

"A medical facility, commercial real estate, new business, something along those lines something that would add value. The view is beautiful of the river there, and so I can envision the new office building going in there with a glass front, something along those lines, that would be a nice addition to our community," he said.

Debris removal at the site began last spring.

ORIGINAL STORY: 08/24/17, 11:40 P.M.

Vienna city council received an update on the Johns Manville remediation project Thursday evening.

Vienna Mayor Ranyd Rapp reports that the clean-up of the site is all but finished, with all steel recycled and the metal scrap hauled away to a waste management site.

Rapp indicates the office, warehouse and smokestacks are gone, and any pits have been filled in.

He says that the process has gone very well with no leaks or negative contamination reports.

"And so, every air quality report that we have gotten, has been great, so we've put no contaminants in the air," he explains, "we've not put any of our citizens at risk..."

Rapp says the final state is the removal of asbestos, called "Transite Sheets" and will be bid-out shortly.

In other news, the council also heard a brief report on the Vienna Policement's Pension Fund, which has an 11 % rate of return and was described as in very good shape.

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