Jon Husted brings his campaign trail to Marietta College

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The race for Ohio’s next Governor continues, as one of the hopefuls made a stop in Marietta.

Jon Husted visited Marietta College Monday afternoon.

He's currently Ohio’s Secretary of State and is hoping to succeed Governor Kasich.

Monday he received an endorsement from Senator Frank Hoagland.

Husted says he's a Christian first, conservative second, and a republican third.

"I’m running for Governor because I want to make sure no matter how you grow up whether you were a small town kid form a rural area like me or a kid from a tough neighborhood in intercity, I want the American dream for you to be alive for you in Ohio,” says Husted.

“Right now, for many people they are losing hope. We need to get better in creating higher paying jobs, and we have to do better at getting people job skills and training, so they can take those jobs and we have to get the federal government out of our lives so we can create Ohio solutions to Ohio problems."

The other republicans Husted is running against are Attorney General Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor, and U.S Representative Jim Renacci.