Justice for Judy; 10 year anniversary of mysterious death of Judith Petty

WOOD COUNTY, W.Va. (WTAP) - Ten years after their daughter's remains were found in a fire at their family farm the Petty family is still looking for answers.
Judy Petty was 48 in 2008 when she left her grandmother’s home, whom she was caring for, to go to the library. And that was the last anyone heard from her.

Her dad says he found her remains in a fire on the family farm on February 6th. And an autopsy report revealed she was dead before the fire.

The Wood County Sheriff's Department has been investigating the case, but say mistakes that were made at the scene back in 2008, make it hard for them to make any arrests.

Joan, Judith’s mother says, "It gets harder every year, not knowing what happened. It gets awfully hard because your mind goes some places that you don't want it to, why wasn't she safe? Who was out at the farm that shouldn't have been there?"

Her parents say they want justice so that whatever happened to their daughter won't happen to anyone else. They say when the weather improves they will do a balloon release to remember her, as they do every year.

Chief Deputy Riffle says the Wood County Sheriff's Department needs the public's help to find and pursue new leads. He says if you have any information about the case you can call and leave an anonymous tip at 304-424-1829.

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