Kauai: The Garden Isle

Lihue, HI (WTAP)-- After a 45 minute flight to Kauai, we took a bus tour of the island, including a view of Waimea Canyon. This natural canyon is said to be the "Grand Canyon" of the islands. They are not exaggerating! It reminds me of Yellowstone's Great Rift too.

The roadway only travels around 3/4 of the island. The last 25 miles surrounding the island are rocky cliffs falling right into the ocean, with no room for a roadway. The pounding surf offers some of the greatest surfing in the world, but it's only accessible by boat.

The return trip includes a video from the Weather Channel on how a real life hurricane interrupted the final day of filming of "Jurassic Park" in 1992. Some of the footage shot of the arriving hurricane survived into the finished film! Several weeks later, the crew returned to Oahu to shoot the last day of filming, where the professor and two kids flee the flocking, running dinosaurs.

Finally, we reach the Kauai coffee farm and sample the remaining crop that survived on the island. A self-guided tour of the farm shows how they raise 4 million coffee bean plants.

Now we have checked into our oceanside resort and will assemble for our pizza party dinner a few minutes. Tomorrow, we will fly around the Waimea Canyon in helicopters and take the fern gully boat trip!

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