Local Christmas tree spot selling out quick

LITTLE HOCKING, Ohio (WTAP) - Christmas may be a whole month after Thanksgiving, but a local live Christmas tree shop has already sold a lot of its inventory.

Stahl’s Landscape Nursery started selling its trees on Wednesday and has sold all but one of the 10-foot trees.

The nursery is off Route 50 in Little Hocking and has been around since the 1950’s. Three generations of the family have sold Christmas trees at that site every year.

They have a variety of sizes but say the 12-foot trees were hard to come by this year. The nursery carries Ohio grown Canaan Firs, which have soft needles and vary in size.

You can purchase either a pre-cut tree or a balled and burlapped tree to be planted in your yard after the holiday season.

Sharon Stahl runs the nursery with her husband. She says, “People are very particular about their Christmas trees, that's why we buy from this particular farm, they're always very nice. They walk around it maybe four or five times before they make their selection. And usually the entire family comes so everyone has a say in what Christmas tree they want, so it's a fun process.”

They recommend if you are using the balled and burlapped tree as your Christmas tree to only keep it inside for ten days, so it will still survive when you plant it outside after the holiday.

The Christmas tree prices vary based on the size of the tree.

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