Local artists submit an ornament in Artistree Ornament contest

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ST. MARYS, W.Va. (WTAP)- Tyler and Pleasants County artists are busy decorating ornaments that will hang in the governor's home.

It's called the governor's Artistree contest.

Artists’ hand-craft an ornament, big or small, and submit it for the Pleasant’s Chambers of Commerce Ornament contest.

Judges will pick a winner from each county.

Then, all the ornaments will be shipped to Charleston, West Virginia to be displayed on the governor's 'Artistree' in the foyer of the governor's mansion.

It will be unveiled in early December.

Jody Murphy, Executive director of the Pleasants Area Chamber of Commerce, states how the local artists in St. Marys truly enjoy the contest and being able to see their ornaments on the tree. "They go to the West Virginia division of cultural of tourism and they will be put on the governor's 'Artistree' for the holidays. And all of our artists are invited to a reception in the governor's mansion. They go down and see the tree and they can look up their ornaments, they are all on the tree, along with anybody else who sent in ornaments from around the state, and I think they even put out a publication, a book, that highlights each ornament and talks about them."

Participants in the contest will take a bus to Charleston in December to see their creations on the tree.

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