Local boy scout installing all-accessible water fountains in Marietta

MARIETTA, Oh. (WTAP) - Getting your Eagle Scout badge is always a challenge. One Marietta boy scout is using his project to improve the community.

Jack Wesel, a junior at Marietta High School, installed a new all-accessible water fountain at Muskingum Park.

"Anybody can use these fountains," he said. "I just wanted to have my project be something that would be usable by anybody in the community."

The Murdoch commercial fountains, which run around $2700, have three separate bowls, one for pets, one for people and one for someone with a disability.

Wesel says he got the idea from his mom. His father helped him out with fundraising efforts and the city was very receptive to the idea.

"We met with the city, talked to the mayor and Tanner Huffman" Wesel said, "and they just said like this is would be a great addition to the community."

Many dogs walkers and groups like the Humane Society of the Ohio Valley are very grateful for the new addition.

"We do walks every Sunday morning and this fountain right here is going to be so handy for us," volunteer Azelyn Kerenick said, "because we usually have to take a cooler and store water and hide it. And it’s really complicated so having this right here is going to make it so much easier for us to get water for the dogs."

Wesel says he's grateful for the Boys Scouts of America organization and the impact it's had on him.

"I’m glad I did the hard work and I’m glad that I pushed all the way through," Wesel added, "because I feel like I never would’ve achieved something like this without doing boy scouts so it's just nice to know I did do it and I went all the way through.”

Wesels says he has secured funding for a second fountain near the senior playground in Muskingum Park

He has plans and is seeking help funding two more fountains throughout Marietta, one near the Kiwanis Shelter on the west side and another near the riverside on Ohio Street.

If you would like to help out, you can address donations to BSA Troop 231 and send them to Jack Wesel at 206 Washington St, Marietta, Ohio.