Local engineering students get hands-on experience with Turbine Technologies training unit

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Washington State Community College had a mobile demonstration unit visit its Engineering Department on Monday.

Turbine Technologies took their mobile engineering and technology training center through Michigan, and now it's touring Ohio.

Students at the college got hands on experience and saw interactive demonstrations of new systems.

The mobile unit also featured a jet engine.

Engineering students spent the day going through it to take in information they don't always get a chance to see in the classroom.

Allen Worthey, of Turbine Technologies, explains why they brought this technology to Marietta:

"We're very passionate about the applied sciences and with the ensuring of more technology jobs there's possibly a shortage of skilled labor. And so, we're hoping to kind of generate some excitement and some interest, and also engage students."

Jim York, the Professor of Electrical Engineering at Washington State, organized the visit.

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