Local high school students prepare for National Science Bowl

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WILLIAMSTOWN,W.Va. (WTAP)- The 28th National Science Bowl is a nationwide academic competition that test students' in science and mathematics.

Among other local schools competing, Williamstown's team has been diligently practicing since November.

Studying for this competition is crucial as they will be given questions from a range of areas like biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and computer science.

The team practices frequently together and with the Parkersburg High School team, but the coach for the team says this competition will take more than just intelligence.

Alyssa Brashear, captain of the Williamstown team, shares how her and the teammates are able to balance both studying for school and the competition. "It's just kind of practicing recalling that information. And we practice during lunches on Wednesday and after school on Wednesdays so it's not a big time commitment and it’s definitely due able with the school work that we have."

Jon Wheeler, coach and teacher of Williamston team, explains the different qualities of the team and how they are beneficial. "One of the things my team does really well is that they are quick. They are quick to buzz in, they are quick to do the math and know the material and all that. But this isn't just about being intelligent; you have to have quick recall in addition to knowing what you are doing."

The National Science Bowl will be at West Virginia University Mountainlair in Morgantown Saturday, February 10th.

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