Local public charity celebrates 55 years and makes an announcement

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- During their annual meeting the Parkersburg Area Community and Regional Affiliates announced a new funding program that focuses on hunger in the area.

Judy Sjostedt, Executive Director of PACF, explained why funding for feeding programs is important. “We’ve noticed that in recent years we’ve been receiving an increasing number of requests for funds for hunger related projects; everything from helping support backpack feeding programs and weekend feeding programs to helping support programs for senior citizens of that nature. And to helping support programs for food resources for those who are homeless or in a crisis of some sort. “

The theme of the gathering was ‘Hunger in our midst-Food for thought.’

Supporters that attended not only learned how their money was used to help other over the year but also had the chance to write encouraging notes to children and families.

These notes would be delivered along with center pieces at each table to a backpack program that provides food for children outside of school.

Sjostedt says, “Today is sort of a day to cultivate awareness of the issue of hunger in our region; helping our supporters knows a little bit more about the issue. And then give them some tangible examples of ways that the foundation is working to target hunger. Right now we can fund some of the requests we get of that nature, but not all. So we thought that it would be prudent to develop a field of interest fund so that we can more permanently some of these requests that we get.”

The foundation also highlighted the Mountaineer Food Bank in conjunction with the announcement of the new charitable fund.

Chad Morrison, Executive Director of Mountaineer Food Bank, spoke at the celebration. He says, “I’m here to speak about the state of hunger in West Virginia; what the landscape looks like, how things have changed over the past few years. I’m really excited that foundations such as this are really bringing the conversation of hunger from our communities and not just putting resources to it but fostering the conversation.”

The ‘Hunger Fund’ will be a charity dedicated towards providing resources that address our area’s many hunger-related programs.

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