Local schools continue renovation plans for summer

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 07/15/16 2:46 p.m.

Friday, WTAP spoke with Assistant Superintendent of Wood County schools Mike Fling who gave us an update on the progress their district has made on their summer projects.

This summer alone Fling estimated almost three quarters of a million dollars had been spent renovating and amending issues in schools around the district.

The newest school in Wood County, Martin Elementary was built in 1986, and the oldest is over 100 years old, so constant upgrading is necessary.

There are 18 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 3 high schools in Wood County alone, so funds are easily depleted when trying to repair all the needs of the district.

Each roofing project costs over 2 million dollars.

Thanks to a grant from the state, Fairmont Elementary was able to afford new sidewalk, but the school district is responsible for everything inside, and the beautification of the outside of the school.

At the last school district meeting a bond was brought up that would allow the school to broaden their budget for some of the basic needs of the school such as centralized heating and air conditioning, but the vote was postponed, but it is a need in the community the schools serve.

So far this summer, an office has been remodeled, tiling has been redone, Worthington has a new gym floor, Jackson stage has had a storage remodel, Hamilton has three new window air conditioning units, Greenmont has a new teachers’ lounge, as well as new special education classrooms and a new kitchen at Parkersburg High School.
However, the school district is doing their best to keep up with the necessary upgrades of these diminishing schools.

Belpre City Schools, and Wood County Schools both have major plans for this summer.
Mike Fling, assistant Superintendent for Wood County said, “Working hard to use the money wisely, and get the, get the schools in this eight week session to hurry up and get it ready for fall. We have more than a half a million dollars invested in the roof project.”

Belpre Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Parkersburg High School, Parkersburg South, and others will all be undergoing renovations, that should be completed in the summer months before the kids get back to school.
Belpre City Schools Superintendent said, "We're going to start very soon. Actually, we're doing some demolition in the locker room right now. That doesn't cost money, except for man hours right now if you will."
Belpre High School was able to get grant money, and Wood County has a budget for over a half a million dollars to handle renovations.
Belpre City Schools was presented with a grant to help with the cost of construction.
Wood County will be rationing over a half a million dollars as needed to finish their numerous projects.

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