Local students from Papua New Guinea say country needs help after devastating earthquake

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The death toll in Papua New Guinea is expected to rise after strong aftershocks from an earthquake rocked the country on Wednesday. Local students who are from the Southwest Pacific country urges the public to keep their devastated homeland in their prayers.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Associated Press reported at least 55 people are confirmed dead and that number could rise following a 7.5 magnitude earthquake in late February.

More were killed from a strong aftershock on Wednesday.

Andrew Walbo, a student at Marietta Bible College in Washington County, said it's been difficult studying here in the States while his family and friends are suffering back in his home country.

"They are sleeping without food, without drinking proper water, they're not sleeping in a proper house, all the houses were gone so even I sleep too but I couldn't rest well," he said.

Other students say they've been using social media to communicate with people back home.

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