Manpower holds interviews for "local employer" planning expansion

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Job interviews are in progress for an expanding business in Wood County.

The Parkersburg office of Manpower Tuesday held interviews for what it characterized as a "major manufacturer in the Williamstown area planning expansion".

Another reason, it says, for the job event is the recent news of job growth, including a declining unemployment rate for the national economy.

"Manpower is excited to be a local employer that actually connects supply with demand," said Director of Business Development Zach Treister.. "We find strong local applicants and connect them with strong local employers, where we find the best candidates for the best role at the best time at the best pay rate."

Manpower said it could not name the employer, but, as we're reported in recent months, Hino Motors plans an expansion to add on another truck line.

"I saw on Facebook they were hiring," said job seeker Amy Leatherman, "and being it's a full-time position, I needed something full-time for a career."

It is scheduled to open a new manufacturing plant early in 2019, at the former Coldwater Creek facility in Parkersburg.

Manpower says, for more information on area job openings, call 304-485-0088, or go to