Marietta College's enrollment spiked for this years freshman class

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Marietta College has seen a positive spike in their enrollment this year, as they set out to bring forth new pioneers

The 2021 pioneer graduating class is the first freshman class in eight years at Marietta College to experience growth.

There are 312 students in the freshman class this year, that is ten percent more than last year's class.

President Ruud says this change in growth has a lot to do with how the college sells itself.

"I think the growth is coming because we are telling and selling the story of what a great place Marietta college is, what success stories have come out of Marietta college, and what a great community Marietta, Ohio is,” says Dr. William Ruud, Marietta College President. “I really think it is successful when we get out and talk to students and parents. Talking to them about the programs, talking to them about the opportunities, but we believe it’s getting them to see campus that sells them. If we bring students to campus that gives us an extra advantage because it’s beautiful here."

To continue its growth, a partnership with Penn Ohio is in the college's future, as well as focusing on growing athletic teams and adapting different major programs.