Marietta High School's EMT Class will be out to check your blood pressure at October First Friday

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On the first Friday of each month, Marietta showcases the best the city has to offer.

This month's theme involves the city's school system.

October's theme is Marietta City Schools Tigers night out.

Different clubs within the schools system will partake in various activities to engage the community.

The Emergency Medical Technician class from Marietta High School will perform blood pressure exams for the community Friday evening on Front Street.

EMT instructor Gwynette Mayer says, "what they are going to do on Friday is they are going to be outside American Flags and Poles and they are going to get a lot of practice checking blood pressures.”
The seniors are aspiring to be anything from a registered nurse to a firefighter after they graduate high school.

The emergency medical technician class fully prepares students to take the National Registry EMT exam to obtain their certification.

“They actually put together a little card to hand out to people who will come by, with a couple of little tips as to why blood pressure is important and how to lower it,” says Mayer.

This Friday gives the students hand on experience and practice and gives the community a little bit of an idea of what’s going on at Marietta high school.