Marietta Memorial Annual heart Lunch

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Valentine's Day may have been yesterday, but women in Marietta chose today to be decked out in red for the Marietta Memorial Health Systems annual Heart Lunch.

The lunch was in honor of American Heart Health Month, to bring awareness to women's heart health. Guests heard from cardiovascular experts at Marietta Memorial and had the opportunity to ask questions to a panel of doctors.

They addressed how at least ten minutes of walking can be sufficient enough for keeping a healthy heart. And described new cardiothorastics and vascular technologies being used at Marietta Memorial.

"I think we find that women present a little differently than men. Vascular disease, especially in the Mid-Ohio Valley is very prevalent. I think whenever we do something like this, I'm hoping that somebody comes away with one little pearl. Whether they hear something they had never heard before or maybe a gentle reminder that maybe get someone to say stop smoking, or get out and walk a little more because maybe it is that easy.” says Vascular surgeon Dr. Shane Palmer.

The guests enjoyed lunch from The Changed Plate. It's a new Marietta Memorial restaurant where chefs, dietitians and an expert team have developed a menu that not only tastes good, but is good for your body.

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