Marietta business honors employee deployed overseas

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - William "Bill" Renkovish is miles away from the Mid-Ohio Valley but he's got a strong support system back home.

His co-workers at Morrison Incorporated are honoring his service while he's away. On Friday, they were wearing RED, or Remember Everyone Deployed, shirts at the office as a way to show their appreciation to Renkovish and those who serve and have served.

"We added on the shirt a little ribbon and Bill’s initials, so that we can remember Bill’s deployment and think about him and pray for his safe return," said David Haas, president of Morrison Inc.

“It hits home for me because I was in the Air Force Vietnam era, I was stationed in Thailand and in the Philippines and on those remote tours it gets pretty lonesome, you get pretty homesick and this time of year in particular so when this was brought up I thought it was a fantastic idea," said Kenneth Morrison, the senior vice president of Morrison Inc.

The team plans to wear the shirts on the first and third Fridays of each month. Renkovish's co-workers also send him care packages and letters written by students at Marietta High School. It's all to show their gratitude.

“We wanted to make sure that we support him and his family in this time overseas and to help his kids he’s got two relatively young kids and help his wife and family to weather this holiday season without him," said Haas.

Renkovish has been gone since the summer and is expected to return in March of 2019.

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