Mason County polymer plant to close, affecting hundreds of employees

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MASON COUNTY, WV - Nearly 130 people will lose their jobs after a polymer plant in Apple Grove says it will close.

Mason County commissioners received a letter from M&G Chemicals, stating that "absent obtaining access to additional funding and liquidity, it will be forced to cease production activities" within 60 days.

Commissioners say the letter did not give a specific number of employees that will be affected, but it does say it will be all of them.

Commissioners say they believe it will affect around 130 people.

The letter indicates that the only people they expect to remain employed will be those that maintain security of the site.

We reached out to M&G Chemicals, the parent company of M&G Polymers.

In a statement a spokesperson said, "M&G Chemicals is facing financial difficulties and is working closely with its lenders to address the situation."

"However, these circumstances require the Company to reduce its operating costs and plant construction activity. As such, certain areas of the business will be affected including Corpus Christi, Apple Grove and the Sharon Center," spokesperson, Terry Tyzack said. "That’s all we cay say now."

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