May's Mom of the Month

RENO, Ohio (WTAP) - Carol Westfall is May's Mom of the Month. Her youngest daughter, Taylor, nominated her.

Taylor and her two siblings, Alexis and Jonathan, say their mom pushes them to be their best. They say they can always count on her for support.

Carol says it's hard for Taylor to keep a secret from her, so she was completely surprised when a WTAP News crew showed up with a beautiful bouquet from Crown Florals for her.

"It is truly a big surprise. Honestly, it's an honor for her [Taylor] to even do this," said Carol, May's Mom of the Month.

"I just hope one day I'll be as great as her," said Taylor Wood, Carol's youngest daughter.

"I wouldn't be where I was today without her," said Alexis Wood, Carol's other daughter.

Carol's birthday is in May too, which makes the award extra special.

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