McDonald's quits serving McPizza at 2 remaining restaurants

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SPENCER, W.Va. (AP) - The last McPizza has been served at a McDonald's, marking the end of an era.

News outlets report the last McPizza was served at a McDonald's in Pomeroy, Ohio, on Thursday after a franchise in Spencer, West Virginia, removed the pies from their menus Wednesday. The two McDonald's were the last locations in the U.S. to sell McPizzas.

McDonald's said in a statement that their menu is constantly changing. The decision to stop selling the McPizza was made at a corporate level.

The McPizza was introduced in the 1980s and later scaled down to the personal-sized pizzas. Most restaurants phased out the pies about 15 to 20 years ago because the preparation time did not fit with the company's fast food mantra.

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