Meigs County Meals on Wheels accepts donation of new vehicle

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP) - A Japanese automaker gave a new car to a local chapter of an organization that tackles hunger across the country.

On Thursday, a Subaru representative at Louis Thomas Subaru in Parkersburg donated a new vehicle to the Meals On Wheels program in Meigs County.

In honor of its 50th anniversary of selling vehicles in the US, Subaru is donating 50 vehicles to Meals On Wheels programs all over the Country.

Subaru representative Peter Donnelly says:

"For this special year we wanted to team up with Meals On Wheels, who have been a long time partner of ours, and give away fifty Subaru Outbacks so they could help deliver meals to seniors who are living in their homes. So this gives us an opportunity to get 53,000 meals to 3,700 seniors around the U.S."

The new vehicle is ready for service and can be used immediately.

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