Meet the Marietta School Board Candidates October 10th

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Voters in the Marietta City School District have some very important decisions to make in November.

The city school board has three seats to be filled on November 7th.

Two of the individuals, Roger Bartenuk and Dr. Zane Lazar are incumbants, having been selected by the Board to fill unexpired terms.

The other five candidates: Prudence Burgardt, Mark Duckworth, Stacey Hall, John Lehman and J.Douglas Mallett have not served on the school board before.

The residents of Marietta City School District are fortunate to have so many individuals who are willing to give the time and energy that is required to guide our schools through the challenges that lie ahead.

Now voters must do their part and become informed about the issues and the candidates in order to make a positive choice for the future of our children and our city.

The quality and vitality of public education will set the tone for future business growth and the very economic health of residents in the area.

On Tuesday, October 10 a public meeting to “meet the candidates” will be held at Washington Elementary School gym at 7:00 pm.

The format will include time for each candidate to make a general statement about their vision for the future and to answer specific questions facing public schools and Marietta City Schools.

The audience will be asked to contribute questions that they may have.

The event is being sponsored by Education Works SEO, a local education advocacy group whose mission is to encourage voter participation in issues relative to public schools.

For more information feel free to contact Education Works at