Meeting held to discuss and amend a technical oversight

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP)- Members of the Marietta City School Board of Education met tonight to resolve a technical issue dealing with the contract of the superintendent.

An unmet deadline was brought to the school board's attention Tuesday.

The issue was that Marietta's superintendent, William Hampton, contract was approved May 22nd.

According to the Ohio Revised Code, it should have been approved by May 1st.

On Friday evening, the board amended it by shifting the terms of the contract.

They split it into two arrangements as had council advised.

Hampton says he feels the board handled the situation timely and effectively.

Marietta City School Superintendent, William Hampton, explains how the correction went about. “Well I feel good we were able to clear it up. As soon as we discovered this could have been an issue, we addressed it. We learned of it Tuesday, talked to our council and by Wednesday we had a plan and we scheduled a meeting; as quickly as we learned and as quickly as we could deal with it, we did.”

Members of the board apologized to Hampton for the oversight.

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