Meigs County man arrested after holding wife and parents at gunpoint inside home

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MEIGS COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP) - A Meigs County man is in jail on multiple charges after police say he held his wife and parents at gunpoint in their home.

Meigs County Sheriff Keith Wood says at 5:30 P.M. on Monday, deputies responded to a call about a possible hostage situation at a home on Ohio Route 681, near Alfred.

After deputies set up a staging area away from the home, they talked a woman who told them her brother was keeping their parents inside the home at gunpoint and made threats to hurt them.

Investigators made contact with the elderly mother, who told them their son, 45-year-old David O. McCormick, was sitting in the home's front room with a shotgun and that she and her husband were in an adjacent room.

Several deputies drove to the home in an unmarked vehicle and were able to sneak into the home through a back door without being detected.

They found McCormick, with a loaded shotgun next to him, and arrested him.

McCormick then became combative and began resisting while being taken to a patrol vehicle.

Deputies spoke to the parents, who told them McCormick’s wife had also been at the home earlier that day, and had left after McCormick had assaulted her and threatened both her and his parents with the shotgun.

Investigators contacted McCormick’s wife who confirmed what happened that day.

Meigs EMS paramedics arrived at the home and examined the elderly couple, who were not injured.

McCormick was taken to the Meigs County Jail, where he is awaiting arraignment in Meigs County Court on charges of Abduction, Domestic Violence and Resisting Arrest.

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