Michael Fosberg presents "Incognito" at WVUP

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- For over 40 years, the United States has recognized February as Black History Month. Not only is it a month for all to celebrate achievements by African Americans and their role throughout our history but also have more open discussions about race and acceptance.

Today an author and activist visited WVUP to talk about diversity and inclusion, but in a unique way.

Michael Fosberg acted out 12 different characters in his play called "Incognito." It tells his story of finding his biological father and discovering he is biracial.

Through his play he created an open dialogue on noteworthy topics like race, identity, and diversity.

Afterwards, Fosberg answered questions and gave tools on how to go about conversations dealing with race.

Michael Fosberg, Activist and Author of Incognito, said “Well obviously with the idea Black History Month being a time that we can all talk about black history, but about issues with race and identity. And obviously it is a very powerful way to go about doing it by telling a personal story. We all naturally look for signs in people about, ‘oh that person looks this way or that way, or from that nationality or whatever.’ The truth of the matter is there are more differences in a race than between races.”

Fosberg has been presenting his narrative for 15 years. He says he does about 60 presentations a year.

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