Mid-Ohio Valley not to worry about live Christmas tree supply

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Christmas is less than a month away, and many around the country have been rushing to purchase their live Christmas tree this season, in fear they'll run out.

We spoke to several Christmas tree farms in the Mid-Ohio Valley who all said they have an abundance of trees this season.

The problem comes from large whole sale tree suppliers around the country, who cut back on the number of trees they planted during the recession 10 years ago.

Bob Morrison, the owner of the Caywood Christmas Tree Farm in Marietta says it takes eight to 10 years to get the trees to a sellable height.

He says local farms like his; don't have to worry about this shortage.

"Really what has created a lot of the shortages right now is the whole sellers. But now like myself, here on the Christmas tree farm where I manage my own farm, we don't have a shortage or a glut like that typically." Morrison explains.

So rest assured you should have no problems finding the perfect live Christmas tree for your home this year.

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