Ohio State Highway Patrol Troopers are heading to school this week

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ohio (WTAP)- Troopers in Washington County are heading to school to make sure motorists are following school bus safety laws.

This week is national school bus safety week. The theme is "stop on red."

Throughout the week troopers will be on the lookout on school bus routes and safety zones.

They'll do that by following or riding along school buses to watch for violations.

Sgt. Garic Warner, from the Ohio State Highway Patrol, states “Hopefully we can get more awareness. Like I said it’s a hard violation to fine. We’re not with every school bus. There are school buses everywhere, and it’s tough to have an officer with every bus every day. So the main thing is awareness. The little bit of time you save from passing the stopped school bus is not worth the risk you’re putting those kids at.” The state law gives bus drivers the right to fill out a violation and report drivers if they fail to stop.

Law enforcement officers hope this will serve as a reminder to drivers to use caution and pay extra attention.

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