New program helps local students avoid the need for remedial courses in college

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - The Ohio Valley Education Service Center (OVESC) and Washington State Community College (WSCC) have created a new program to prepare students for college.

The Ohio Valley Student Readiness Collaborative (OVSRC) provides high school students mentors, tutors and additional resources to help them avoid taking remedial math or English courses when they arrive at college.

According to state-wide research by the OVESC, high school teachers said 80-to-90% of students were ready for the academic rigors of college, while college faculty indicated about 24% of students were college-ready and didn’t need any type of remedial courses or help.

The OVSRC program focuses on students who are in the middle of the pack, academically, and are almost, but not quite, college ready.

The additional activities and support the program provides will help move these students from "almost ready" to "definitely ready" for college.

The collaborative involves a two-pronged approach that focuses on academic preparedness and life skills.

The first facet directly connects instructors from the high schools with WSCC faculty.

The two groups work together to identify where college freshmen are lacking in math and English, then the high school teachers build those missing skills directly into their classroom curriculum.

The second part of the program pairs students with mentors, who offer one-on-one academic tutoring, work with students to help them explore career opportunities, and prepare a post-graduation career plan for students to reach their career goals.

Program officials say it will save students time and money, because they won't have to take extra remedial courses at college.

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