ODOT makes annual preparations for winter driving season

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WASHINGTON COUNTY-(WTAP) - 10/12/2016 5:45 P.M.

The leaves have barely begun to turn color, but one department's already preparing for winter.

The Ohio Department of Transportation's Washington County garage had its annual inspection of winter snow removal equipment Wednesday.

ODOT has two dozen snowplows manned by 38 drivers.

But it needs the public's help to make sure they do their job safely.

"We definitely want to remind people that our trucks are going to be out again this winter; we haven't had to think about seeing them for several months, says ODOT District 10 Public Information Officer Ashley Rittenhouse. "We ask you pay attention and remember our trucks are going a little slower than the traffic. But they're easy to see; they have the flashing lights on them, and it's just something we ask people to bear in mind as we get into winter."

Thanks to a mild winter last year, ODOT didn't use as much road salt as it did the year before.

That means the price per ton has dropped this year to $55, from $77 last year.

It also uses other chemicals, including brine, to pre-treat highways before expected snowstorms.


If you're traveling on Ohio roads this holiday weekend, there's a new tool to make your trip go smoothly.

The Ohio Department of Transportation has a new free app called OHGO.

It provides real-time Ohio highway traffic updates, including live views from roadside cameras and notifications about problem spots.

It also has a hands-free option and provides audio alerts when there's a problem nearby.

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