Ohio Department of Higher Education announces in-state tuition for WSCC students from West Virginia

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The Chancellor of the Ohio Department of Higher Education made a big announcement at Washington State Community College Monday, that will directly benefit certain students.

Chancellor John Carey, announced West Virginia residents who live in Brooke, Hancock, Jackson, Marshall, Ohio, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wetzel, Wirt and Wood counties, are eligible for the college's low in-state tuition in all of their programs and degrees.

This reciprocity allows students to excel in their program of their choice while staying in our community.

It also aids those balancing student loans, gas, and other expenses to get themselves through school.

"Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley the river separates us, but its really one community," says Chancellor John Carey. "So giving students the opportunity to have in-state tuition means they can borrow less, it gives them greater ability to get a better education and that benefits the whole region."

Student Shanendoah Chambers says, "the tuition change helps me so much with gas, utilities at home, and it may also help me work less to study on my career versus working to pay for my tuition."

Ten percent of Washington State's enrolled students are from West Virginia.