Ohio Department of Veterans Services visits Marietta

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP): The State of the State Address is bringing state-wide organizations to Marietta, including the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.

The DVS met with the Mid-Ohio Valley Veterans Outreach Group Tuesday to learn more about their innovative approaches and service.

The outreach group presented the DVS with a power point presentation on their yearly events and accomplishments.

DVS says they're most impressed with the group's ability to connect veterans with local organizations, making sure they have the resources they need.

"They're working jointly, which is really nice because they make sure there are no gaps between what the County Veteran Service Office can and can't do, and when they realize they can't, they've extended their resources, and the other organizations pick up in the community," said Chip Tansill, director of Ohio Department of Veteran's Services.

Some of the many local organizations the outreach group partners with include the Ohio Department of Jobs, local colleges such as Marietta and WVUP, and the American Legion.

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