One rehearsal Christmas Pageant

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It’s another Sunday morning for those who attend St. Paul’s Evangelical Church on Fifth Street in Marietta, but for the children it was more than that.

Becci Hartline, the Christmas Pageant Director, with the help of about ten children put on a Christmas Pageant for the parishioners to enjoy.

“It’s just called one rehearsal pageants,” says Hartline. “And literally we have one rehearsal and the children put it together. We do it at Christmas and at Easter.”

The first scene opened with tryouts for the pageant, with three kids excited to play the roles of Mary, Joseph and the narrator.

Tryouts were held by a director who has come back home from her busy New York City life, looking to spice up the traditional Christmas story of Mary and Joseph in a manger with the baby Jesus.

"The message was or the title of it was “What No Angels?” And the theme throughout was that the director of this particular pageant wanted it to be a comedy and entertaining, but the one little girl Lisa the main character Lisa really wanted it to be about the Christmas story. So that's what it was about," says Hartline.

The director was eventually reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, and the pageant went on traditionally.

"It’s nice for them, they learn a lot about the Christmas story by doing this and I think they like to do it," says Hartline.