Ohio Representatives discuss school funding in Marietta

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - Marietta High School held an open discussion this afternoon with the community and State Representatives Andy Thompson and Jay Edwards.

They spoke on issues regarding funding and budget concerns, looking at where the budget cuts are being made.

The community voiced they cannot take any more cuts as they will be unable to support needed services like bus transportation, with Washington County being the third largest county in Ohio.

They also discussed mandated issues like standardized state testing and cursive handwriting, but each topic came back to funding.

“Then we can debate how each community can afford to contribute to that and what is the state responsibility and what is the local responsibility but until we answer that fundamental question we're dancing around the problem and quite frankly it is going to continue and it is going to get worse," says Tony Dunn Superintendent of Belpre Schools.

That fundamental question came down to, what does it take to educate a child in the state of Ohio in relation to the budget and money?

Representative Jay Edwards spoke to the topic of nontraditional school settings, stating that they have to be held to the same standards and they can't be funded out of the pockets of our public schools.

This whole conversation came down to figuring out what is best for the children of Washington County.

Members from the community were happy to have their voices heard and look forward to the education being a top priority for the state of Ohio.