Parents express concerns over lack of heating in local elementary school

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BELPRE, Oh. (WTAP) Many have been concerned about the lack of heat in Belpre Elementary School after kids come home complaining about cold classrooms.

Belpre City Schools Superintendent Tony Dunn says the upstairs classrooms have heat, but they're using portable heaters downstairs.

He said the current heating issue is because they're replacing old furnaces that were installed in 1967.

The project was approved this past summer and is expected to cost about $54,000.

The board was hoping all the work would be completed by November 1st. Dunn said Wednesday that while the district is thankful for the warm weather, they thought the project would move faster.

Until the project is completed, the school wants parents to dress their kids in layers. The city's Fire Chief also inspected the school and determined everything is safe for students.

Dunn apologized for the delay in informing parents and said even though students may be uncomfortable, he is thankful they are safe.

"We were about 24 hours late for informing the parents," Dunn said. "We should have done it Sunday night, and we apologize for that. Although the situation is uncomfortable, we are thankful that everyone is safe."

The school is hoping to have the project completed by December 1st.