Parents rally on behalf of overdose victims

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) 5/13/2018

Parents and families of victims of drug overdoses spent part of Mother's Day taking part in a demonstration and march in downtown Parkersburg.

Among them: the mother of a Parkersburg woman who died in December, 2014.

Tina Miller says her daughter, Alyssa Hendershot, died of a drug overdose. She says the person who gave Hendershot the drugs has not been prosecuted.

"I've been relentless in getting something done," Miller said, "but I've just hit wall after wall, and it's frustrating. I think if I could at least get some justice, I could get a little bit of, maybe an ounce of peace, for what happened to my child."

Miller and parents of other drug victims held a brief march through the downtown area.

Other participants told us they have been unsuccessful in getting help for family members struggling with addiction.