Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Announces Fall Grants

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - Over 30 nonprofits received grants from the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation Wednesday.

The PACF helps local nonprofits with a variety of things, from improving infrastructure to programs to emergency situations. One way they are able to do that is through providing grants.

In total, more than $220,000 was awarded Wednesday. Those grants are made possible by donors who have established or contributed funds at the PACF.

A few organizations rewarded grants include the Parkersburg Actors Guild, Jefferson and Waverly Elementary Schools, SW Resources, the Arc of the Mid-Ohio Valley, and the Washington County Career Center.

"The Community Foundation is built by gifts from many individuals, businesses, and organizations who create funds at the Community Foundation. Some of those funds are created for specific purposes, like to benefit a certain charity, but others are flexible funds that people create. We can use those funds to support the needs of the area. Most of them are endowment funds, which means we're investing those funds and just using the income to support those causes, and that means they're perpetual and they'll go on for all time," said Marian Clowes, Senior Program Officer for the PACF.

Following the presentation of their grant, each nonprofit told the crowd exactly how that money would help their organization.

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