Parkersburg Police and Bureau of Fiscal Service train for the worst

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va (WTAP): It's a worst case scenario, yet it's happening more and more often.

Active shooters are injuring and killing people in public places, and
Saturday, the Parkersburg Police Department prepared itself the best way it knows how.

"We just put a scenario together, a few different scenarios together, to bring our road officers off the street into an active shooter event here inside this building," said Parkersburg Police Chief Martin. "The bureau was kind enough to facilitate the employees to participate to make it a more life like event."

The Parkersburg Police Department teamed up with the Bureau of Fiscal Service for the training.

It was a day just as helpful to employees, as it was for police.

"The safety and security of all of our people is paramount," said Shayne Martin, Bureau of Fiscal Service's public affairs specialist. "We really emphasize security and safety and that's just why we're doing this."

On top of safety, Chief Martin say the training is a good way to build a relationship with public employees.

"The purpose is to introduce the employees of the bureau, how we respond, what we do, what it looks like when we do respond to an active shooter event," said Chief Martin. "So they understand what we do and appreciate what we do."

The training is called force on force training.

Police use simulation weapons that they can shoot the active shooter with, and the active shooter can shoot back.

Chief Martin says the realistic training prepares the department for a scenario that's occurring more and more often across the nation.

"It's becoming more common than uncommon," said Chief Martin.

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