Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital gives advice on effects of IEI fire on pets

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - As first responders remain on scene at the IEI site to monitor any hot spots or flare-ups, local vets warn in incidents like this, it's always important to think about your pets.

Doctors at the Parkersburg Veterinary Hospital say they haven't seen a large amount of patients as a result of the fire. But they do stress its vital to remember whatever you're smelling and breathing outside, your pet is too. A doctor at the hospital says older pets or those with history of pulmonary problems are at a higher risk in smokey conditions.

Dr. Todd Shockey says, "We have seen very little problem from it, if at all. Probably the animals that would be in most harms way would be the animals that are closest to that area. The smoke from the fire effects them exactly the same way it effects us only they can't talk to us and they are better at hiding their symptoms. But if you live in near that area you should keep your pet indoors if at all possible."

Health officials say even though the blaze has been extinguished, it's still important to protect your pets from any lingering effects from the fire.

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