Paving projects kicking off this week in Ravenswood area

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RAVENSWOOD, W.Va. (WTAP) -- City officials in Ravenswood say a DNR paving project will start in the coming days at Washington’s Riverfront Park.

The City says this project will replace the larger parking lot at the park, and is scheduled to start Wednesday June 13th weather permitting.

There’s also other street projects kicking off this coming week too. The milling and paving includes Henrietta from Brown to Wells and then Wells to Elwood, Fleming from Fitzhugh to Mail Box 718 and Mail Box 701 to Kaiser, Ann from Wells to Brown, Purdy Lane from Washington to Park Avenue, Gibbs from Race to Washington, Hillcrest from telephone pole to Mail Box 600, Bedford in the 300 block, Ritchie Avenue with an asphalt patch to 3” depth and striping on Mulbery and Walnut.

The City asks that you please avoid parking on those streets or in the larger parking area at the park during this time.