Pen Pal Program at Parkersburg Schools

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- “Oh it’s snowing, they are out of school, they got to see Santa and their pen pal, and have an activity and ride the bus; it’s a great day,” says Sherry Dennis , teacher at Martin elementary.

After months of exchanging letters, juniors and seniors of Parkersburg South met up with their pen pal from Martin Elementary school and had some holiday fun.

When Izabella Dennis, a student at Martin Elementary School. was asked if she enjoyed finally meeting her pen pal she said, “Yes.”
When asked what they talked about she stated, “What I wanted for Christmas.”

Ariel Anderson, also a student at Martin Elementary, explains what she told her pen pal she wanted for Christmas. “I wanted a unicorn, a nutcracker, a cat, and something else. I forget what else.”

Teacher at Parkersburg South High School, Cheryl Olcott, expresses her excitement for the program and how everything played out. “We are very fortunate to pen pal with Martin school, and the students have been excellent. So the high school students have been writing back and forth and today is the day that they actually get to meet face to face and it’s been remarkable.”

This is the second year classrooms of Cheryl Olcott and Sherry Morris participated in the extracurricular activity. They even surprised the kids with a visit from the mayor who dressed up as Santa Clause.

Sherry Dennis, explained what the kids did when they came together. “The Second grade painted ornaments to give to their pals, wrote letters to Santa, and they were decorating cookies when Santa appeared! So they got to give their letter in person and have a picture with their pen pal and Santa today.”

The pen pal program plays a part of the high school student’s communication course and encourages both grades to work on their writing and creativity.

With future plans to have the classrooms meet back up at the end of the year, the teachers felt the whole experience was a success and hope to do it again in years to come.

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