Road projects continue on U.S. 33 & Route 550 in Athens County

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ATHENS, Oh.-(WTAP) People traveling through Athens County to and from Columbus recently have noticed some traffic delays, especially on U.S. Route 33.

A major construction project is now in progress on that highway, around Athens: the replacement of concrete on a one-mile stretch between Ohio Route 550 (Columbus Road) and East State Street.

Concrete replacement work is also happening on Route 550 itself.

The project is not expected to be completed until later this Fall.

ODOT District 10 spokeswoman Ashley Rittenhouse says,

"We would just ask motorists to pay attention to all the signs we have out, as well as the variable speed limit signs. The speed limit could be lower at times, depending on whether work is going on. So we want motorists to be mindful of those signs and pay attention when they're traveling through that area."

The project is ODOT's second largest this year in Southeast Ohio.

It began just as the Stimson Avenue exit in the city of Athens re-opened to motorists late last month.

Although the street itself was open between May and mid-July, the interchange was closed while the city was installing a roundabout at that location.

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