Police: avoid drinking and driving at graduation parties

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) High-school graduation season is officially underway.


And so are the parties that follow.

While police agree that a high-school diploma is cause for celebration, they're warning about underage drinking.

Police say drinking is not as common at grad parties as it is at post-prom parties. But it isn't out of the question.

They want to remind graduates they're not of legal drinking age.

But if they do drink, they should designate a driver.

"I would recommend to them not to drive, obviously, and do it in a very controlled environment where they can't have access to the vehicles. Ultimately, we would promote not to drink at all, and find another pastime to take part in that does not involve drinking."

Wood County high-school ceremonies are this week.

That includes Parkersburg High School Monday night, Parkersburg High Tuesday night and Williamstown High on Thursday and Parkersburg Catholic on Friday.

All those events begin at 7 P.M.