UPDATE: Man accused of hiding in women's restroom stalls pleads not guilty

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MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 04/13/18

A man accused of hiding in women’s restroom stalls in Marietta pleaded not guilty Thursday to multiple charges in Washington County Common Pleas Court.

Ryan Davis, 35, is charged with burglary, aggravated burglary, voyeurism and carrying a concealed weapon in connection with incidents at the Marietta City Water Department in January and at the Lafayette Hotel in December.

He’s also charged with assault and intimidation of an attorney, victim or witness for alleged incidents that occurred at the Washington County Jail after his arrest in January.

The Washington County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says Davis allegedly assaulted a correctional officer and then “made intimidating statements regarding that officer to another officer.”

Davis is being held in the Washington County Jail on a $500,000 bond pending future court appearances.

A week after his arrest, Marietta Police have identified a man accused of entering women’s restrooms and hiding in the stalls.

Ryan Andrew Davis, 35, was arrested on Jan. 9 after police found him hiding inside a women’s restroom at the city’s water department office at 304 Putnam Street.

Police say he pretended to use a female voice when he was approached by officers. A female officer made contact with him in the restroom and was able to confirm his real identity.

Police are investigating at least one other similar incident at a Marietta business about two weeks earlier. That business hasn’t been identified.

Davis also allegedly assaulted a correctional officer at the Washington County jail after his arrest. He is scheduled to appear in Marietta Municipal Court Wednesday on an assault charge related to that incident.

He is currently being held on a parole violation, and Marietta Police say additional charges related to the restroom incident are likely.


The Marietta Police Department is currently investigating reports that indicate a male subject has been entering women’s restrooms and hiding within the stalls.

The department has received two reports within the past month, one involving a city building in Marietta.

The suspect is currently in custody.

The police department is asking that anyone who may have information regarding suspicious behavior like this, or who may have seen this suspect in public buildings at or near women’s restrooms in the past months to come forward.

The reported incidents have been occurring in restrooms that are multiple stall restrooms and that are open or accessible to the public.

From the reports provided, officers believe it is likely that the subject may be standing on the toilet to hide his feet from view and that if he is encountered, will apologize and advise it was an accident.

Anyone with any information or who believes they have observed such an incident is asked to contact the Marietta Police Department at 740-373-4141.