Pumpkin farmer: Not a good year for gourds

ATHENS COUNTY, Oh.-(WTAP) We're just six weeks away from Halloween. Time to start thinking about that Jack-O-Lantern for the living room window or the front doorstep.

But this year, it may be difficult to find a good one.

Local pumpkin growers, like Thomas Weekley, saw smaller yields, especially in the latter months of summer when weather turned dry.

While some growers saw enough rain, others did not.

That's important because 80% of each pumpkin is made up of water.

"We think we'll have enough pumpkins for my customer base," Weekley told us. "We wholesale some and retail a lot, and we go to some retail outlets. We think we have enough, but, overall, it will cost me a little bit, but that's farming. That's the way it goes."

The Wood County Extension Office says the gourds usually bloom during August.

Weekley's pumpkin farm, located off U.S. Route 50 between Coolville and Guysville in Athens County, will begin selling them this weekend.

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