Ravenswood Tree Memorial Program receives awards in statewide competition

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RAVENSWOOD, W.Va. (WTAP)- The Ravenswood memorial tree program is a community beautification project that adds trees, benches, and swings to the city’s parks and surrounding areas, while letting others honor loved ones.

Katrena Ramsey, founder of the program says, “It all started with my farther, David McCoy, and I planted one for him and I wanted people to have the opportunity to have that same experience. “

The program that started 4 years ago already has over 40 trees planted and this month won two awards from the West Virginia municipal league.

Ramsey reacts to receiving the awards by saying, “I was very surprised we won the award but very excited. It certainly represents a large dollar amount that has been raised for our city or $39 thousand dollars and that is through all donations and volunteer efforts. And I’m glad we were recognized in the state for this program.”

The West Virginia municipal league is a non-profit that assists local governments in advancing interests of citizens and consists of 232 members.

The city was awarded in regards to enriching their parks as well as reducing costs because of donation both of which couldn’t be done without the involvement of the community.

The Mayor or Ravenswood said, “This gives us an opportunity. It saves tax payer’s dollars, but at the same time it beautifies our parks, enriches our parks and gives people the chance to remember their loved ones.

Brad Cochran, WVSU Extension Agent, says “From the very first day we brought it up to today, the city has been completely behind it. Whether it’s from the mayor’s office or city council or just generally the people that live in Ravenswood. There has been a tremendous amount of support behind the program.”

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