Update: Commission approves Amity Center transfer to Westbrook Health Services

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Update: 8/2/2018

A South Parkersburg treatment center is now completely in the hands of Westbrook Health Services.

Westbrook had been operating the Amity Center for short-term alcohol treatment for several years, but the property was owned by Wood County.

Thursday, the county commission approved donating the property to Westbrook.

The agreement with the county allows it to take over ownership again, if necessary.

"If. at some point in time, Westbrook doesn't want to own that building any more, or the property, it would revert to the county," said Commission President Blair Couch. "If, at some point, Westbrook isn't able to maintain payments on whatever loan they choose, and if the bank wants to foreclose, they'll look to the county to pay off the loan first, and it would be our option to do so, or let them have the property."

The property transfer also allows Westbrook to seek a loan for building improvements.

The property will be sub-divided to allow the Parkersburg Fraternal Order of Police to keep its offices at that site.


The future of Westbrook Health Services' Amity Center was discussed before the Wood County Commission Monday.

Amity has been a drug and alcohol treatment center for decades.

The building located on Parkersburg's South Side, which Westbrook currently leases from Wood County, is in need of $36,000 in roof repairs.

Westbrook Monday asked the commission to donate them the property, so it can get a loan to pay for the repairs.

But it also has long-term plans for the facility.

"We've also entertained, if the commission was interested in donating property at Amity," said President and CEO Kevin Trippett, "we could do some construction there for additional long-term residential beds."

Westbrook also has looked at other sites for expanding Amity, including the former YWCA on Dudley Avenue. The commissioners also suggested St. Joseph's Landing.

The commission took no action on Westbrook's request.